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Our Approach

Our Story

At Afrishew, we are more than just a business; we are a visionary agribusiness enterprise with a profound commitment to catalyzing a profound agricultural revolution in Nigeria and the broader African continent. Our roots delve deep into the soil, nourished by a profound passion for agriculture and an unwavering determination to drive change from the ground up.

Afrishew’s inception was ignited by the fervor of passionate entrepreneurs who envisioned a future where agriculture in Nigeria and Africa at large could flourish, innovate, and thrive. These individuals, each with their own unique backgrounds and expertise, came together driven by a shared belief in the transformative potential of agriculture.

Our journey began with the planting of a simple yet powerful seed: the belief that agriculture could be more than just a means of sustenance; it could be a vehicle for empowerment, sustainability, and progress. This seed has since grown into a thriving enterprise that not only contributes to the growth of the cashew industry but also sets new standards for agricultural excellence

What We Do:

Empowering Farmers, Transforming Agriculture

At Afrishew, we do more than just business; we drive transformation. Here’s how:

  • Empowering Smallholder Farmers

    Our heart lies with the smallholder farmers who form the backbone of African agriculture. We provide them with essential training, resources, and support to enhance their yields and improve their livelihoods.

  • Technology and Innovation:

    In this digital age, technology is a powerful tool for change. Our cutting-edge Farm Clinic digital platform offers farmers access to crop monitoring, pest and disease identification, weather forecasts, and best farming practices

  • Quality and Sustainability

    We're committed to raising the bar on quality. Through improved crop varieties and sustainable farming practices, we ensure that our cashews are among the finest globally.

Join us in our mission to create a brighter, more sustainable future for African agriculture. Afrishew isn’t just a business; it’s a movement for change. Together, let’s empower farmers, embrace innovation, and transform agriculture for generations to come


Afrishew's commitment to creating shared value for partners and stakeholders

At Afrishew, we believe in creating shared value for all our partners and stakeholders. Here’s how we do it:

For cashew farmers

Provide agricultural extension services, input distribution, and training to help improve yields and quality
Increase income and improve livelihoods for farmers
Ensure a reliable and high-quality supply of cashews for our processing facilities

For investors

Prioritize environmental sustainability and social responsibility in our operations
Mitigate risk and create long-term value for investors
Ensure the sustainability and resilience of the cashew industry

For employees

Provide a safe, healthy, and inclusive work environment
Invest in employee training and development
Create opportunities for career growth and advancement

For communities

Promote economic growth, job creation, and environmental sustainability
Partner with local communities and stakeholders to build a more sustainable and equitable future for the cashew industry and the people it supports

Overall, our commitment to creating shared value for partners and stakeholders is a critical component of our mission to promote sustainable economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability in Africa.

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